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    If you want to apply a CSS class to a component manually you can create a Dynamic Class rule

    and return the class name

    1. Ben Warner

      Madhusuthanan P was this what you were looking for?

    2. Madhusuthanan P


      $('.ssnAutotab input').autotab('{taxid1},{taxid2},{taxid3}');


      The above script was included as .js File and the name of the Custom Class for the fields taxid1, taxid2 and taxid3 is "ssnAutotab". But still the same functionality is not working in Maestro.

    3. Ben Warner

      Sorry, I don't know how this JavaScript is relevant to your question around adding a custom class to a field.

      Have you tried debugging this using the browser dev tools?


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    1. Madhusuthanan P

      Hi Ben,

      In the above scenario in Avoka Composer, we are creating a Custom Class called "ssnAutotab" for the fields taxid1, taxid2 and taxid3. And we have used a function called autotab() to the ssnAutotab Class so that the autotabbing functionality will be applied to all the three taxid fields. 


      How do we implement the same functionality in Maestro (i.e using Custom Class) ?

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