How do I add a web font to Maestro?

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      1. Drag on a "Web Font" component from the palette
      2. Configure the Font-Family property:
        Typing in the font family will add it to the list of font options in the styles tab.
      3. Optionally set the font weight and/or style. This will depend on the font you are uploading.
        The defaults are set to normal.
      4. Upload your font files.
        If doesn't matter which upload button you use as the component is smart enough to assign it to the correct property based on the file extension.

      5. Assign the font to a text display to test. Notice you can now select the font in the Styles tab under the style block Text -> Font
      6. You can also reference this font in CSS in your shared styles or in a brand theme option as a global font style.

        In CSS within a shared style:

        In a brand: (notice the fallback fonts, separated by commas)


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