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Need to know, how to store the JSON response from Groovy/Fluent Service in Data Field Component .Like

data=''' [{

"address":"12th cross Street",
"address":"123 Rich Street",



And i need to show these data in the Text fields by using the repeat block with pagination(Pagination has been implemented with help of data field)


Also how we can refer the data from Data field to Text Fields which are created in the Repeat Block, As per my understanding the name of the Text Fields will be generated like array?Please help to clarify.


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      To store data in a Data Field, using the script editor double click the Data Field in the form heirarchy on the left and it will add the data path to your script, then assign the value you want - e.g.

      data.myField = "My Data"


      To set field values in a repeat review the following link:


      1. Ben Warner

        Hey Surendarvel, did you solve your query?


      2. surendarvel

        Hi Ben, yes its solved.Thanks Much

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