If you use form dialogs with the 'Confirm' & 'Cancel' buttons, does Maestro automatically handle the saving or discarding of data entered into fields that are within the dialog? Or do you have to manually control the updating of the data entered?

We are using dialogs to collect additional detailed information for a question in the main form.  But if we use Confirm(Save) and Cancel buttons this implies that the dialog can independently discard whats been just entered.

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      There are no buttons built in to the normal templates that "Undo" data entered into a dialog. If you want to use dialogs for data entry in this way and provide a "Cancel" button that resets form data to a previous state, you can use the methods Form.cacheData() and Form.loadCachedData(). Typically, in the script that opens the dialog you use:

      data.$dialogCache = Form.cacheData("myDialog"); 

      And in the cancel button use: 


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