Hi Team,

My Scenario is that i am having two email address fields

(primary email address with mandatory rule and secondary mail address as optional)

And i am having a Check box "have no email" to confirm that user dont have email address. Here i wrote editability rule that to make the Primary email address disabled. 

The Problem now is that primary email address's Mandatory rule is stoping me to navigate to the next page even after i selected the ."have no email" check box

Could you Please help to advise on how to override the mandatory rule if that check box is selected


Thank You

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      Rather than checking the "Mandatory" option on that field, select "Create Rule" and choose the "Mandatory if..." option. This will let you make the field conditionally mandatory.

      1. Ben Warner

        Alternatively, common practice is not to disable a field if it is not relevant, but to hide it by writing a visibility rule. Hidden fields do not have the mandatory validation run on them.

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