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My question is , i have a dropdown in repeat block and i have three values like "one" ,"two" and "three". If i choose "one" and i press Add item in the block the next drop down should be displayed with only two options "two" and "three".Please help to clarify in the above needs.Thanks.

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      You can achieve this by using a Data Driven Dropdown and a Data Field.

      1. Add these to your form within a repeat.

      2. Add the data and filter call to your data field calculation rule.

      // The options for the dropdown
      var options = [
         "label" : "One"
         "label" : "Two"
         "label" : "Three"
      // The array of currently selected dropdown values in repeat
      var currentValues = Form.getRepeatData("data.select", data.$p);
      // Filter out any selected values, if dropdown in current repeat has value allow it
      return options.filter(function(option){
        // If the same as the current dropdown select, add to list
        if (option.label === data.select) return true; 
        return !Util.contains(currentValues, option.label);

      3. Link the data driven dropdown to the data field

      4. Example

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