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Is there a way to add a print button to the online form where the user could print the PDF output of the form at any stage before submission?

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      We did something similar, we basically had a button , and wrote a click rule

      var url = Form.data.SFMData.SystemProfile.FormDataServiceURL;
      if (url) {
      url += "?sfmRequestKey=";
      var requestKey = Form.data.SFMData.SystemProfile.RequestLogKey;
      if (requestKey) {
      url += requestKey;
      url += "&sfmOperationName=renderReceipt";
      if (item.properties.renderMode=="file") {
      url += "&renderMode=file";
      Form.submit('Saved', false, true, false, false, false)
      .then(function() {

      1. Unknown User (akohli)

        Thanks Mike. I will try that.

        Can you help me with one more thing. Where can i find API documentation to understand methods,parameters etc as for me i don't know what SFMData, SystemProfile, RequestLogKey means or what will this is going to get. What all methods are there in Form apart from the ones we see in Maestro API methods.

        Some places like a continue button, on its click event script is Form.$Pages.move(true). I would like to know the list which we can use for a Form like $Pages etc.

        I hope i made sense. Please let me know if its unclear.

        Thanks & Regards,


      2. Mike Chen

        I don't know if there are documentations with regards to that personally, maybe people from the product team can point you to the right location.

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