We are in a process of setting up DevOps for the project developed using Avoka Composer and TM. We have Groovy scripts written for Avoka TM.

The scripts are checked into GitLab and are trying to checkout/build/deploy using the Ant scripts provided by Avoka.

We have few questions to complete the process.

  1. We maintain the URL, username and password in transact-auth.properties for the Ant script to connect with the TM instance. Instead of hardcoding the username and password in a properties file, is there a way to connect to the TM using authentication tokens, etc.?
  2. Is there a way to compile the Groovy scripts before packaging to ensure the code is not breaking?
  3. Is there a way to execute Unit test scripts as a part of DevOps process - during the build process?
  4. Is there way to execute static code analytics for Groovy scripts?
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      1. TM requires a username and password for authentication. Can you describe how you would see this working with auth tokens?
      2. See the following link for a description of the targets in the Ant build files:
        Working with the Ant Build Files
        The type-check target is the one you want. Any compile errors are reported to the console however in 5.0.x these errors do not stop the build from proceeding. This is changing in 5.1 such that any errors will abort the build.
      3. Unit tests cannot be run outside of TM. The same page linked above describes the test-remote target which will run the unit tests on the TM server and provide test results.
      4. We don't provide static code analysis tools but I don't see any reason why you couldn't integrate this into your process. 


      1. Sathiyachalam Baskar

        For point 1, we were looking if there is an alternative way to authenticate user instead of hardcoding the userid/password in transact-auth.properties.

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