I'm using the Layout parameters of a drop down list to hide when the form accommodates Large (lg) and Medium (md) sizes.  Otherwise the dropdown consumes the full width of the container.

I notice that the help for Form.isVisible( ) indicates it doesn't work for 'native' component visibility, which I've confirmed.

How can I determine when this component is visible, or when the form is in Large and Medium responsive layouts so I can drive other conditional logic in the form?

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      Not sure if this is what you need but have you looked at the layout api in angularjs?



      1. Unknown User (jhendry)

        Hi Petros,

        I don't think this is what I'm looking for unless you can describe how I would use this in a calculation or other type of Maestro rule to determine if a Maestro component using layout parameters was visible or not.

        The documentation you linked seems to be focused on HTML directives.  

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