We've had a request to clear the hidden field data in the form so that it is not included in the submission xml to ease with integration on the client side.

Is there a suggested way to apply this to the form as a whole?

I know it can be done on a per field basis (clear on submit) and a per block basic (clear immediately) but just wondering if there is a suggested approach other than going through each component to do this?

In the template we can apply a style to every field type, is there a way to do something similar for field settings?

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      You can set this in the template on the Form root, in the data tab on the right is Hidden Data which can be used to set this on the whole form and then in your form you set exceptions to which hidden data you want to keep.

      1. Daniel Carlier

        Hi Glenn, 

        I created a new template version to test this, however if I select clear "On submit" on the root node and click Save, the setting is not persisted when I re-open the template. Would you like me to raise a ticket?



      2. Glenn Crook

        Yes, please log this as an issue

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