If I make fields mandatory on a dialog, there seems to be no impact. The applicant can hit "Okay", and the dialog closes without validation. I would like to stop the applicant from continuing unless mandatory fields are filled with valid data.

I've noticed that the dialog footer includes a "Block of Field To Validate", but I can't seem to make the behaviour change by using this.

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      There is no built-in forced validation around hiding and showing dialogs. You can force this behaviour in the form code, for example by changing button code like this, which closes the dialog:


      to this:

      Form.validate("dialogContent", data).then(function(validation) {
      if (validation.valid) Form.showDialog("");


      Where "dialogContent" is the id of the container you wish to validate.

      This will cause validation to be run, and any errors to be shown, and will prevent proceeding to close the dialog if any field has failed validation.

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