Hello everyone.

Can you let me know if the following is possible.

 Mastersoft Addressing

1.            Can Mastersoft suppress any returning addresses that commence with the string “PO “.  We want to exclude PO box addresses from the options presented to applicants.

 2.            Can Mastersoft return SA addresses only, We want to exclude non SA state applicants.

 If possible how would we make best make the change.

Thanks  Chris

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      Hey Chris, the Mastersoft APIs do support the exclusion of postal addresses. Search for positionFilter on this page:

      Note there are many types of postal addresses, not just PO Boxes, see:

      I don't think the APIs support a State filter. Rather than trying to limit the search you may want to think about allowing any address to be entered and then handling non-SA addresses with messaging in the form. E.g.:

      I'm sorry but only South Australian residents are able to apply for this product.

      If you were using the Avoka Exchange component for Mastersoft in Maestro, the ability to exclude postal addresses is just a checkbox that you deselect at design time:

      More info can be found here: mastersoft.harmony


      However, the built in Composer widget does not seem to expose this capability so to achieve what you want you'd need to create your own copy of the Address Lookup Mastersoft groovy service in TM and point your Mastersoft component in Composer to this service by entering the name of your service in the 'Address Lookup DDS Name' field for the 'Please input the address' component:

      Your copy of the groovy service would need to pass a positionFilter value excluding the term 'postal' e.g.: 


      This is a quite technical task for a developer to review and understand the Mastersoft APIs.

      1. Ben Warner

        Alternatively, you could request access to the Avoka Exchange package for mastersoft.harmony as this contains the groovy service that exposes the Include Postal Addresses option. You would still need to build your own Address Lookup component in Composer to pass this flag through to the groovy service but this may be easier than developing your own groovy service.

        Note that your Transact Manager environment will need to be on version 5.0.1 or above as described in the readme file.

        This page describes how to request an Avoka Exchange component:

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