We have a scenario whereby a customer who has successfully completed an application form may need to submit a follow up form later to confirm their identity and collect some additional information.  Because much of the required ID data has been collected in the initial form, the follow up form would ideally be pre-filled with this data.

I'm considering that a query string might solve this issue, but as these details may include the applicant's full name, DOB and address we'd need this not to be readable in the URL itself.  Having read this article: GET vs. POST for Request Parameter Prefill Mapping the encrypted string method seems ideal, but I'm unsure how to make use of the encrypt/decrypt code snippet provided. 

Any advice as to the appropriateness of this method and how to implement it would be appreciated. 

Thank you. 


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      Prefilling the values into the form data XML might be a better option? You could then also take advantage of TM's ability to encrypt the whole data block.

      1. Sam Fursdon

        Thanks Tim, that does sound better. Can you refer me to any info on how to get started with that?

        (I'm suspecting it's to do with assigning a task)

      2. Sam Fursdon

        Hi Tim, figured it out. Now setting up an anonymous task via the tasks API with the XML pre-fill data and assigning it to the applicant.  Much better solution than the query string!

      3. Tim Stewart

        Glad that you figured it out. For future reference here's an article covering prefill:



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