I have a scenario hopefully someone can help me.

I have 3 users, working  for company XYZ,

and XYZ has its own SSO implementation, and once verified, it passes a token to Avoka.


Advisor works for XYZ

Paraplanner working along side with Advisor at XYZ

Staff member at XYZ


Scenario 1

  1. Advisor login via SSO, created the application, saved the application halfway.
  2. Advisor delegate the task to Paraplanner to complete the application. So Paraplanner will login using his account, and try to retrieve the application that was originally created by Advisor.

Can this be done? Can we have an user accessing another user's application?


Scenario 2

  1. Advisor created an application, but got stuck, so he called Staff to help.
  2. Staff log into XYZ's SSO implementation, got verified, then try to open Advisor's form.

Can this be done? Please note, at the very initial phase, both Advisor and Staff does not exist in Avoka's platform.

When we receive the SSO token, it will have user name and his role, can we create a help desk user on the fly?

Or do we need to create help desk user first manually?



Mike Chen





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      Hi Mike,


      As discussed, we need to use group assignment for this type of shared access functionality.





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