I'm trying to migrate a form from a Maguire template to a custom template which has different extension points & page content areas.

What is the recommended approach to make the form and template compatible with each other?

My target template has a structure where there is a custom page controller, and multiple levels before a content block is available, and Maguire has different standards in terms of content & page nomenclature.

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      Make sure the extension points in your new template have matching item IDs in the form you wish to migrate, containing the content you wish to be populated into the extensions. Make a new version of your form (so you can roll back easily - there are instructions displayed onscreen for rolling back within the current version, but a new version is safest). Then use the Change Template command in the "Cog" menu.

      1. Unknown User (strube)

        Thank Tim, I think that addresses the issue of the extension points, but does not address the issue that the two templates have differing page content areas. Although this could be fixed manually, I was hoping for a more elegant (and reusable) solution.

        Maguire template expects:

        • (content)/Page/Section/(Fields*)

        ... and target template expects (for example):

        • (rootElement)/GMB Page/GMB Section/Section Wrapper/Section Content(Fields*)

        Is there a way "hiding" levels of unnecessary depth, and renaming? (or am I over-thinking the problem)

      2. Tim Stewart

        No, there's no way to automatically reconfigure the structure of your content within extension points when changing template. It will do a straightforward mapping of the content of the item with a matching ID into the extension point.

        If you wish to reuse content in forms with a very different structure, you might be better off splitting that content out as components, which you can then drop back into the different structure of a new form based on your new template. 

      3. Unknown User (strube)

        Also, changing the ID of the rootElement in the template breaks it:

        Problem loading form:
        Cannot read property '$$parent' of undefined
        Click OK if you would like to continue to the form or click Cancel to close window

        (when creating a new form)

      4. Unknown User (strube)

        Thanks Tim,

        Recreating the form from shared components (pages) seems to be my best option for now. A bit messy for future needs, but doable.

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