Is there any way to restore a form page back to its original load status with default values after values have been changed on the form page?   When a page first loads, defaults are put in, but after values have been entered and the page is left, the values remain.  This is standard behavior, but is there a way to override this behavior and have the page initialize again to the defaults?   Also, by default, a blank field does not fire mandatory or validation rules that prohibit a field from being blank until the Continue button is clicked to move off of the page.   But if the user enters a value and then deletes the value, the validations fire an error condition.  Is there a way to suppress that behavior such that a blank value manually or programmatically put into the field via script does not fire the mandatory and validation rules until the Continue button is clicked, but the validation rule still fire for invalid data other than blank the same way as it did upon first page load?

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