Is there a difference in expected behaviour in TM between "User Abandoned" (i.e the user clicks on a cancel button that makes the transaction Abandoned in TM) and system abandoned?

If there is, is there a way in a Maestro "cancel" type of button to force the submission into system abandoned rather than user abandoned?

We have a case where a user abandoned transaction allows the user to go back to it, and change the state to Saved. This is not the desired behaviour for this solution.

  1. Malcolm Edgar

    Have tried reproducing reopen issue with anonymous and authenticated users after user abandonment, and are not able to reopen the form.

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    Hi Fiona,

    TM supports a form business rule initiated abandonment which is referred to as "Ineligible".  This supports the use case where the form business rules have determined that the user cannot complete the application (e.g. minor or wrong citizenship) and we need to shut down the transaction.  This may be useful for your use case.

    With your last statement, how does the user re-open the transaction ?  Is this through Transact Manager or the Work Space ?

    regards Malcolm

    1. Fiona Muir

      Hey Mal,

      Thank you for that info. We have worked around it by putting code into the form security filter to test if it is set to abandoned, then send the user to a "sorry" page or equivalent, rather than opening the form

      A code snippet on the "Withdraw" (aka cancel) button is 

          Form.submit('Abandoned', false, false, null); 

      The user already has received an automated email with a link to the form. If they click "Withdraw" (which successfully makes the submission abandoned in TM) then go back to their email, and again click on the link, they can open the form, and it becomes "saved" again because a background save is triggered.

      I have not replicated this behaviour on a system abandoned however. 

      If the same user forwards this email to a friend, the friend cannot open the form.

      So the original user could (before we added the extra code) open the abandoned form from the original save email link. 

      Thank you again,


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