I have a question regarding developing on Maestro.

I have a button which invokes a Dynamic Call and I would like to emulate a click programmatically from other events.

I used "DynamicData.call" on some events (page load for instance) and it seems to work but I would like to emulate the Data-BusinessRule component from Composer.

The DynamicData.call instruction seems to not to work when placing it on the Calculation Script rule on some field.

How can I emulate then a Data-BusinessRule from composer into Maestro? or where should I put the DynamicData.call instruction to invoke it at will without having to run into issues?

Thank you and Kind Regards,


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      Hi Carles,

      Making dynamic data calls in a calculation is not a good approach.  Calculation rules can fire many times, and accessing remote data from inside a calculation rule is quite inefficient.

      I'm not aware of the nature of the calls you are making, but if you are just retrieving relatively static reference data, then retrieving it in a form load rule and saving it in a data field is a better option.

      If you need to access volatile remote data, then it is best to make the dynamic data calls in response to some user event, rather than an automatically-triggered calculation event.  In this case, consider making your calls in response to a button click, field blur, or a page change rule.

      1. Carles Tierno

        Thank you Bill.

        I'll redo my approach.

        Kind Regards

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