while assigning values to a data driven dropdown inside a inner repeat (repeat under repeat) is showing 'undefined' multiple times.

i have variable(say users) which holds [{"value":"xxxx STANLEY","label":"xxxx STANLEY"},{"value":"Alternate","label":"Capture Alternate Address"}]
and i am assigning values in side look to dd dropdown as below. other text fields show values properly but dd driven dropdown. Please suggest any solution.
Form.data.outrepeat[oIndex].inrepeat[inIndex].usersdf = users;

  1. Mina Mina

    Was this resolved? Using a data-driven dropdown in maestro with a data source like data.$users doesnt seem to work in a repeating section.

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1 answer


    If you store your array structure onto a global variable e.g. data.$users, you can point the data-driven dropdown Data Source to that variable.

    When in a repeat, I was able to get the data-driven dropdown to work by using data.$p.$users

    Hope this helps

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