What is the possible solution to catch the error in the render receipt and perform some actions on error like cancel the job, mark delivery status as "Undeliverable" or sent a mail to user.

I have tried this using Delivery Process but it's not working as due to nature of render receipt it keeps on retry attempting which is not required.

One option is using scheduled service, it will search for all the transaction with Render receipt error state and mark them "Undeliverable". So render receipt does not retry. But rather than running a scheduled Job and finding all the transaction within error state, Is there anyway to handle this immediately the render receipt goes in error.

  1. Malcolm Edgar

    Hi Ankit,

    With the submission processing workflow a transaction has to successfully go through the PDF receipt rendering step before it become ready for delivery.  If there is a PDF receipt rendering error, it will be retried automatically. 

    However if there is some data or form related issue, this would to be resolved manually. Do you know why these receipts can't be rendered ?

    There is an TM email alert group "Receive System Alerts - Receipts" for PDF receipt rendering errors.

    Please note if you set a transactions delivery status as "Undeliverable" its PII data will become available for purging (default 7 days).

    regards Malcolm Edgar

  2. Ankit Chauhan

    Thanks Malcolm,

    Actually I am fetching some transaction records for specific dates and creating an excel on run-time, so if the records volume is high then render receipt fails to process in the specified execution time(Increased it to a certain level) and gives "Timeout" error. So in that case I don't want the render receipt to retry and notify user to reduce the date range.

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