I am trying to use

SubmissionTaskService.createAnonymousSavedForm(SubmissionTaskService.SavedFormParam param)

to try to create an anonymous saved form, cloning from an existing submission, but the tracking number is automatically generated, is there a way to set it to a custom value?

Cause the client is passing in their unique tracking number, and I would like to set it when the submission gets created.

I had a look inside the SavedFormParam object, there is a field called "receiptNumber" but setting it does not change the tracking number.


Mike Chen

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      Hi Mike,

      Have you tried setting this parameter on the form Details tab in TM?

      1. Mike Chen

        Yes, I tested it, this way works, but I wonder is there a way to set Tracking number programmatically

        , cause we can set the receipt number, why can we not set tracking number?

      2. Bill Frost

        There is a setTrackingNumber method on the submission object if you have access to one in your code.

      3. Mike Chen

        I did a quick test, it does not work, because the setTrackingNumber method only changes the value in the POJO object Submission, it does not change the values in database, there should be some dao or service which will take Submission and persist into the database, but so far it has eluded me.

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