I'm working on the HTML Confirmation page for some forms and would like to customise the content.

I notice that the template has a few variables like:


I'd like to know how to set/edit these variables in order to be more efficient in how I handle different forms and different scenarios, like error situations - display 'nice' message to user, and so on.

I'm also wondering how to add additional variables to the template to capture data from the form; is that a case of using data extract, then putting the variable into the template as: ```$submission.dataExtractMap```



  1. Lin VanOevelen

    Are you referring to the Submission Confirmation portal page in TM? Or the Composer modal page?

  2. Mark Murray

    Hi Lin,

    sorry; this is a Submission Confirmation portal page in TM.


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2 answers


    Hi Mark, looking at a few examples (TM 5.1.x) you should be able to use:


    $submission.formDataMap - data extracts from the submitted submission



    1. Lin VanOevelen

      Hi Miroslav,

      Are you suggesting that the  $submission.dataExtractMap we use in TM 4.3 won't work in TM 5.1? 

      We're preparing to upgrade and have lots and lots of data extract reference in services!



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    We use some data extracts, form properties and submission table variables to customise our confirmation page.


                    #if ($submission.paymentType)
                        <p><b>This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as "ACCESS CANB INTERNET LYNEHAM"</b></p>

    <!-- Add in extra text for the confirmation page -->
                #if ($formProperties.ConfirmationInfo)

    You can add data extracts in there too e.g. 

    #if ($submission.dataExtractMap.GivenName)
    <p>Thank you $!{submission.dataExtractMap.GivenName}. You have successfully completed your $formProperties.FormName submission.</p>
    <p>Thank you. You have successfully completed your $formProperties.FormName submission.</p>

    Not sure about the specific variables you listed though.

    1. Mark Murray

      Thanks Lin.

      That helps a bit; I can use dataExtract for some of the variables that I need to work with.

      But I'm also interested in the other variables ($session and $submission) that appear to be system or TM variables. I'm wondering whether I can set them or are they just set by the system.

      I can probably make some progress with the data extracts, but hope to get a bit more detail to work with the others.


    2. Miroslav Botka

      I think $formProperties is what you are looking for Mark. You can configure them per form version and the form properties should hold your definition/metadata.

      Realtime data from user submissions can be easily stored and resolved using the formDataMap/dataExtractMap.

    3. Lin VanOevelen

      If you add {$submission} to your email template, it will dump all the variables in your delivery email.

    4. Mark Murray

      OK, thanks. That should help get some more information.



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