We have a form that has following steps:

  1. Form submitted by anonymous user. Link gets emailed to email address entered in form.
  2. Second person completes additional form fields, link gets emailed to mailbox
  3. Third and last person completes final step.

We can't authenticate in the first 2 steps as 1 is the general public and 2 is an unknown internal group.

The third group would like the ability to check submissions that got stuck at step 2. Is there an easy way to do this? They won't show up on the review page in the portal as they are anonymous. But on the Helpdesk page they aren't connected in any way, so it's fiddly to check if they all had their 2nd step completed.

If there is a way to do this through the TM portal, that would be fine too. Last group is only a few users.

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      Hi Lin, 

      in (1.) you mentioned that there is a ANOM submitted form while in (2.) a few more fields are completed.

      Which of the 2 is your use case?

      a) review tasks are created for (2.) and (3.) as a part of the collab jobs (or other API logic run) or

      b) in all 3 steps - share the only/same submission is used which is accessed via the challenge question component?

      Seems the flow is quite complex hence providing more details about those steps and how particular submissions are created would be helpful.

      1. Lin VanOevelen

        Case a).

        The link to the form (as in next job step) is sent via email only.

        The email addresses (one is a data extract, the other a fixed email address) are set up in the collab job.

      2. Miroslav Botka

        thanks Lin, if I assume all 3 steps use the exact same form the possible implementations to resolve the problem are:

        1. a searchable data extract/s eg [applicationStatus] - unfortunately form data extracts are not resolved immediately after a task is created and are populated on user save/submit only. 
          However there is a API method - SubmissionService.populateSubmissionExtractData(..) - you can call to enforce data extract resolution in a core sdk groovy job action service called after the task creation in the same collab job step. This would allow you to set the searchable applicationStatus data extract to something like 'Step 2 pending' when its created and you can either erase it or set to 'Complete' via a data field mapped in the form once the form is open and submitted by the user. A user form save can set it to 'Step 2 in progress'.
          Note: see the bellow screenshot on how to enable search on data extracts - "Search Data Extracts"

        2. set the submission-taskMessage field which is one of the submission attributes the search query on the workspace Task (todo) page looks into. Mind that this might be visible to the end users on proper tasks, however I believe you using ANOM task where this is not exposed.
          Note: To search on the submission.taskMessage field you need to enable this on the space property: "Search Task Attributes"

          If its a ANOM task/submission you wont see the 'Task' tab in the Form Transaction Details screen in TM Admin UI however that attribute is still functional and searchable by the query once the search on it its enabled.

        Hope this helps a bit.

        I'd like to hear about other options myself if anybody else has, as we hit a very similar issue just recently - it was resolved by option 2.

        cheers, Miro

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