Is it possible to consume an external RSS feed, and display the content in a traditional "ticker" (text scrolling across the page).

We want to implement this on the submission confirmation page, to attract applicants to the blog site after completion of their digital on-boarding.

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      It will always be possible to do that, however it should be done via a Dynamic Data Service, rather than directly in the form.

      1. Unknown User (bfrost)

        That would be done with some JavaScript relatively easily.  It's possibly a good candidate for a new native component.

        The question would be how often to refresh the content so it doesn't introduce inefficiencies in TM or in the form.

      2. Unknown User (strube)

        What if the RSS feed includes a reference to a dynamic image to be displayed in the form?

      3. Unknown User (bfrost)

        Couple of ways to go there, as long as the site serving up the image was CORS-compliant.

        It would be a matter of adjusting the src attribute of an img element, or using inlined base64 for the image data.

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