In the Maestro API Reference there is a JXON namespace. It references JXON.parse and JXON.serialize

When I try call these I get 'ReferenceError: JXON is not defined'

Is there anything special I have to do to use these?

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      Hi Patrick

      Unfortunately this is a private API method that is not referenced in the global scope. It should not have been exposed in the  API documentation. Thanks for highlighting this to us. We will remove it.

      If you have a need to use this we may be able to help you achieve this in another way.



      1. Patrick McPhan

        Hi John,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I'm just trying to recreate one of our own composer utility forms in maestro. In composer we were saving some XML using a dynamic data service, ill just setup the service to do the conversion from JSON to XML, seems the easier way anyway.

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