I have a form with a lots of radio buttons and lots of visibility rules depending on those. 

I have set them all to clear immediately when hidden, but they don't clear? If I change a selection to hide them and then change it back, they have retained their values?

I really don't want to have to add all the hidden radio buttons in to my visibility scripts for fields further down when clearing the hidden fields should do the trick.

  1. Lin VanOevelen

    Update. This only seemed to cause an issue with one field in my current form and when I moved it out of the block it was wrapped in, it worked as expected. As in, it hid when the radio buttons it relied on were hidden.

  2. Unknown User (jhenry)

    Hi Lin,

    I would need more information as I am able to clear all radio buttons in a section if it is hidden using the clear immediately property. Sounds like an issue with that field's properties rather than the clear rule.



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