TM 5.1.9


Note that I'm not talking about the web-plugin.  I have a default web space hosting my form.  I am using the 'friendly' URL from the form dashboard.  Using this link renders the Landing page before the form.

I have tried these troubleshooting options:

  1. Flow Config - in previous versions, Flow COnfig held an option to trigger the landing page.  Now it's gone
  2. Form Properties - no HTML Landing page property is set, even after Sync Org properties.
  3. Space Properties - I've looked for a Space property that might suggest triggering the landing page.  Nothing appears obvious here.

How do I disable the landing page while still providing access to the 'friendly' URL?

NOTE: The direct URL works fine - however, in this case, the friendly URL is preferable.

  1. Jason Hendry

    Oh yes, I've also turned on the anonymous and authenticated access for the form in space options.

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