I've been reviewing submissions from my recent Mobile App implementation. The photos submitted are 1 and 2 MB as my SmartPhone has a good camera. This is within the limits set in Transaction Manager, however I am looking to ensure that submission times are quick and so I am hoping the mobile app can reduce the size of the photos submitted through the form without any input from the user. Is this possible with the mobile app?
  1. Unknown User (mmina)
    Yes this is possible.This is a feature in mobile app (3.6.3).
    There is a portal property called Maximum Image Attachment Dimension which will set a limit on both width and height which any attachment will be resized to fit within.
  2. Don Sibley
    What version of TM is this available in? we are running 4.0.6 at the moment. i cant seem to see where this property is.

  3. Don Sibley
    Great. I got it to work

    Thank you.
  4. Don Sibley
    Thanks for you response Chantal.
    Is there somewhere we can get a list of other possible properties that we can add into the portal similar to the max attachment? If you wasn't pointed out I wouldn't of been aware at all that it existed at all.
  5. Don Sibley
    Sorry, found some in the transfield app guide

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1 answer

    1. Chantal Thomas
      Hi Don,

      It is called 'Max Attachment Pixel Dimension'.
      The property is not automatically populated in the list.
      You will need to create the property (New button in the end of the list of properties)
      with type 'Number' and set your preferred value. (The value specifies what will be the longest size of the resized image).
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