I have a business rule that was built by someone else that is showing the 'Trigger at Initialisation' checkbox is not editable.

I want to change the rule so that it is not triggered at initialisation, but only on field changes.

How do I change the editable status of the 'Trigger at Initialisation' field?



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      Hi Mark

      You'll need to point me at the composer form in question, so i can see what the developer did in order to see what your options are.

      If they are just extending the standard business rules this should not be possible unless they are doing something really funky. If they have implemented a completely custom rule then depending on what they are doing you may/may not be able to override the behaviour without a change to the underlying rule implementation.

      Another option would be for you to just add a 

      if (evt.evtName=='init') {



      at the top of the rule to have it do nothing at init.


      1. Mark Murray

        Hi David,

        thanks for the reply.

        In this case I'm the developer, so I'm wondering 'what have I done?".

        The form is "New Personal Member", details as follows:

        -- Form Details --
        Account: Beyond Bank
        Organization: Beyond Bank v41
        Project: CRM Forms
        Form: New Personal Member
        Template Name: Template-Maguire

        -- Build Details --
        Version: 4.4.1
        Build Date: 2 June 2017
        Build Number: 50522
        Build Type: cloud

        -- Search Path Details --
        Release Path: Release v4.4.0
        Service Pack path: v4.4 Service Pack 1
        Custom Path: Avoka Datapacks__Maguire Support,Avoka Bizpacks__BizPack Universal Support,Avoka Bizpacks__BizPack AU Support

        -- Browser Details --

        the rule is 'ruleIdStatus' which is a "Data-BusinessRuleError" type rule.

        It showed this behavior when I first created it, so I'm curious to find out what the restriction may be.

        Note: we upgraded Composer just recently; not sure if that is relevant.



      2. David Barker

        Ok, this is definitely a problem in the Data-BusinessRuleError widget. There seems to be some confusion in the implementation caused by the fact that business rules can optionally be set to be triggered by visibility changes. This resulted in the widget looking using the visibility rule events for triggering and not allowing events on the rule itself.

        I suggest you add the evt.evtName check I added above in the short term and I'll see if I can get this fixed properly in a future service pack.

      3. Mark Murray

        Thanks David,

        I'll implement the short term fix and go from there.


      4. Mark Murray


        making progress, but 'init' may not be the problem.

        I have a field 'status' with initial value = "initial".

        When the page with the above field is loaded the value should still be "initial", but it is cleared, and I can't work out which evt or rule or whatever is changing the value.

        How can I locate the evt or rule that is acting on this field?



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