In TM > Form > Form Properties I have an Email Form Receipt Message (Client Scope) which contains HTML. I am trying to display form data in here using ${submission.dataExtractMap.FirstName}. My data extract mapping is


However, this isn't working. 

Note, the ${submission.dataExtractMap.FirstName} is originally from a Composer form. The new form is Maestro. Should this make any difference?


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      Hi Dan,

      Did you configure your data extract in the Data Extract Mapping tab in the Form Data Config in TM?

      1. Dan Cormick

        Thanks Bill. Yes, as per below image.

      2. Miroslav Botka

        Hi Dan, on existing saved / completed transactions you should see their extracted data as per your config (Form Transactions > details > Form data Extract tab). Was the data extracted properly on the transaction you tested. Try also



      3. Dan Cormick

        Thanks Miroslav. I'll give those alternatives a shot. However, it does appear the data is being captured as per the Data Extract in the Transaction Details.

      4. Miroslav Botka
        1. make sure the names of the data extract items match (they dont seem to from your config and transaction details screenshots even though TM should normalize them when extracting). As a best practice use camel case everywhere (no white spaces).
        2. instead manually configuring the extracts in TM I always prefer configuring them in the Maestro form design and look at it as the source of truth
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