We're having problems getting the Address Lookup in Maestro to pass the correct format to a TM Service. The same TM Service is being used on a Composer form with no problem. What are the differences between the two if any?

Maestro returns:


Composer returns:



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      For Maestro we recommend you use the Avoka Exchange package for Mastersoft Harmony.

      Avoka Exchange Package Listing

      1. Dan Cormick

        Thanks Ben. We will run into the same issue as outlined above? I updated my original post with what is being returned by each of the different components.

      2. Ben Warner

        The Mastersoft Harmony package contains both Maestro UI elements and server-side Groovy services that are designed to work with each other. It does not use the same Groovy services as the Composer implementation. This package is currently in use by many clients so I would not expect you to have issues. View the readme file for details around the Short or Long address formats supported by this package.

      3. Dan Cormick

        We have found that the response between the two components is slightly different. Harmony does not return StreetTypeFull. A small gotchya for future reference.

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