I have a job controller and in the last page I want to have a button to start new transaction for the collaboration job. I know that for the forms there is a start transaction function in a Submit Success Modal Page but I don't know how can I do it when I have it in a collaboration job.

  1. Howard Treisman

    Having spoken to Fabiola, I'd like to clarify what I understand are the business requirements.

    Background: They have a multi-step application, using multiple forms, and a collaboration job with "redirectNext = true" so that each form automatically loads the next one.

    The person filling in the form is an employee (not an end customer), so on the last step of the collaboration job, they may need to fill in another application for a different customer. 

    So basically, from this last form, they want two possible actions:

    1. Close. (I'm done.)
    2. New application. (There is another customer in line. I want to start a new collaboration job, from the first page. There is no need to copy any data, this is a completely new customer.)

    This may be as simple as a button or a link that navigates to the first page of the collab job?

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