Hi all,

I'm generating a anonymous task via the tasks API that doesn't require a save challenge using the below task parameters (note the absence of a saveChallengeAnswer):

{"taskType": "Anonymous","portalName": "examplePortal","formCode": "exampleFormcode'", "taskSubject": "Please complete this submission","taskMessage": "This submission has been assigned to you to complete.","contactEmailAddress": 'example@email,com',"sendEmailFlag": true}

However the email sent to the contactEmailAddress containing the link to resume the form includes the query string "saveChallenge=true" forcing the save challenge prompt on resume. Despite this, the form will resume without providing anything as the save challenge. The form will also resume directly via the "formURL" returned via the original API call (the url containing the submitkey query string).

The tag generating the link within the email is "${formUrl}" per the below.  Is there a different tag that generates the resume link without the save challenge? 

Hi ${submission.dataExtractMap.firstName},
<a href="${formUrl}">Get started now</a>
#if ($submission.submissionExpiryDate)
&nbsp; (expires on $format.date($submission.submissionExpiryDate, 'd MMMM yyyy'))
<p>Kind regards</p>
<p>${submission.dataExtractMap.staff_Firstname} ${submission.dataExtractMap.StaffSurname}</p>
<i>Need a hand? Simply call us on 123456789 and quote this reference number: ${submission.trackingCode}</i>
<!-- ${environmentName} -->



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