I have some expressions in a Job Controller set up like this:

"actions": [
"name": "Create Extracted Data Job Properties",
"type": "Job Action",
"properties": [
            { "name": "SeleccionoTDC",  "value": "$func.previousSubmission().formDataMap.SeleccionoTDC" },
            { "name": "SeleccionoDDA",  "value": "$func.previousSubmission().formDataMap.SeleccionoDDA" }


And then I read the property values inside a Job action like this:

String tdc = actionStepProperties.getProperty('SeleccionoTDC')
String dda = actionStepProperties.getProperty('SeleccionoDDA')

job.setJobPropertyValue('SeleccionoTDC', tdc)

job.setJobPropertyValue('SeleccionoDDA', dda)

logger.info "propertyMap ${job.getJobPropertyMap()}"

And it worked for a while, but now when I print the property values inside the job action, I get the expression itself, instead of the value after evaluating the expression.

First I was getting this, which is ok:

propertyMap [SeleccionoTDC:true, SeleccionoDDA:true]

But now I am getting this:

propertyMap [SeleccionoTDC:$func.previousSubmission().formDataMap.SeleccionoTDC, SeleccionoDDA:$func.previousSubmission().formDataMap.SeleccionoDDA]

I looked at the Job definition parameter history, and it was unchanged from one invocation to the next.

What could be causing this?

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      updated response to related question.

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        Hi Jorge,

        The Velocity templating engine returns


        if the SeleccionoTDC data extract does not exist.

        Have checked that the SeleccionoTDC and SeleccionoDDA are in the previous submission?

        In Transaction Manager

        Operations→Collaboration Jobs, Find your Job. find the previous submissions, Click on Transaction Details

        Select the form data extract tab.

        The data extracts setting typically are setup in the form, redeploying a form it may overwrite values that have been setup in manager..

        If you find that the data extracts exist with the correct name can you please log a support ticket with Avoka. 


        Larry Bunton

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