The radio buttons on our receipts are not showing the selection. Any ideas?

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      This is something that can be caused by several issues, the main ones are timing issues which are generally seen on larger forms and the webfont not loading correctly. Can you try the following:

      1. Preview the form in Maestro in receipt mode with some preview data. Preview data can be set through the Settings menu (gear in top right corner) in the design UI.
      2. Use the Receipt test harness in TM which can be found in the form details page in the bottom left corner. In the test harness you provide the form XML and you can see get the HTML and PDF versions of the receipt. Using the HTML version you can see in the browser DevTools if there are errors or files not loading correctly. You can check whether the font loads correctly.

      If this does not help you get the desired answer then I would suggest to log a support ticket so we can provide more detailed assistance.

      1. Dan Cormick

        Thanks Glenn. It renders correctly in Maestro, but not in TM. We're on TM 4.3.3 and have added the form as a Composer Smart Form. Is this the likely cause?

      2. Glenn Crook

        Hi Dan, Maestro forms require Transact Manager 5.0 and later, this is one of the issues that occurs when used on older versions of TM. Avoka Transact Platform Support has this in the Transact Maestro section.

      3. Dan Cormick

        Thanks very much Glenn. Time to upgrade!

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