(Asked on behalf of Fabiola Ansara and Victor Amaya)

We have a form and some components that are structured like this:

  • Form
    • Component 1
      • Component 2

(Ie form contains component1. Component 1 contains component 2)

Our component hierarchy is getting too complex, and we need to simplify.

We basically want to refactor or combine the two components into one.

Ideally we want an "Embed" function. This would allow us to embed Component 2 into Component 1 (and we could then delete Component 2.)

We have tried this using copy/paste.(*) This half works. We get the components, but none of the styling is copied across. And we have a lot of styles. We could possibly do this manually, but it's painful and error-prone.

We would like to know if there is some way of achieving this.

Some possibilities are:

  • Enhance copy/paste to also copy/paste styling.
  • Add an "Embed component" right-menu option.
  • Let us know if/how we can do this by exporting the project and doing some low level surgery to the files
  • other?

( *) - In Component 1, copy the contents of component 2, and then paste them locally. If you copy/paste the top level component, you get a copy of the component, rather than the contents.

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      Unfortunately this feature isn't available in Maestro. A manual workaround is possible, but it would be very fiddly and dangerous to perform.

      This is an existing feature request, and the feature request has been bumped in priority, for hopefully the next release.

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