We need to clean up our TM User Accounts. I want to deactivate any that have not been accessed in the past 6 months without contacting the users beforehand.

I do however want to automatically notify users that their account has been deactivated either by:

  • TM sending an email to their profile email address.
  • Having a meaningful message show on the log in page notifying them of their account status when they try to log in. Currently it just shows the incorrect username/password error msg when you try to log in to a deactivated account.

Can either of the above be done? Or preferably both? This would be both for Transaction Manager and two of our forms portals.

  1. Lin VanOevelen

    And as an additional question on the same topic, is there any sort of tool (like an api?) that would make it easier to bulk deactivate accounts?

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