(Asked in collaboration with Jorge Ambriz)

We're running a collaboration job with "redirectNext", to link a series of forms together into a single unified experience.

There are several points within the experience where the user is going to be "yanked" out of the experience, and redirected to another form. (Or potentially a completely different web page.)

The reasons for "yanking" them could be:

  • Timeout
  • They explicitly click a "cancel" button
  • One of the validations we do on the server indicates that they are ineligible for the product they are applying for, or we get some indication that looks like fraud.

In other words, it could be initiated either on the client or the server.

Once the "yank" occurs, we want to pass control to the server, so we can do some cleanup (eg remove some session variables, log something), and then we want to redirect them to another form.

We also want to make sure that we don't hard-code the "server" part of the url when redirecting - we don't want to have to modify our code based on the server we're deployed to.

Can anyone provide a recommended approach to doing this?

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      This example was done for a Mexican client that speaks Spanish. uno = 1, dos = 2, Formar =Form, Paso=step 

      Unlike a standard form submission its not possible to set the following Custom Page Flow Option URLs in a Collaboration Job. These will not be used with a collaboration job..

      Its is also important to ensure that the collaboration job is left in a completed or finished state after you redirect to the new page. 

      Solution Design

      This solution used a collaboration job with an start form (Uno Formar) and a second form (Dos Formar).

      Abandon Button Operation

      The user fills in the Uno Formar, it redirects next to the Dos Formar in the Dos Paso.

      The user clicks on a Abandon Button. Th onClick event code isets the Route Name to Abandon. The form is submitted which routes the job to the Abandon Dos Formar and the job completes. Here is the status from Manager for the job instance of the see Operations→Collaboration Jobs.

      Code in the form then runs on successful submission will redirect the form back to the start form so the user can start a new submission. The code has a Form.submit(), we need to add a 3rd parameter  true see highlighted in red box.. 

      The code that creates and redirect to the Start Form are executed

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