Hi! I have two different types of services and I want to access a property from the Form Space. I tried to do it like this :

String value = new PropertyQuery()
.setName("Service property")

The problem is that what happen in the groovy services that I don't have a transaction?, and what happen when I call a service that I don't send any transaction?

Is there a way to access the property "Service property" for all kind of services in the same way?

  1. Bill Frost

    Hi Fabiola,

    What types of service are you implementing?

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1 answer

    Hi Fabiola, 
    An alternative approach whereby you access the space then pull the resources for instance:

    def space = DaoFactory.portalDao.getPortalByName(portalNameHere)

    Then you can access say resources of this space thus:

    def resource = DaoFactory.portalResourceDao.getPortalResourceByPath(space.getId(), pathAsString)

    Hope this helps you move forward or generate some ideas for you.



    1. Fabiola Ansara

      Hi Petros! Thanks for your answer.

      Is there a way that I don't have to hard code the portal name? Because I need this property in different environments and they have different form spaces name, so It make it more difficult. 

      I was thinking something like get current form space but I couldn't find how.

    2. Petros Christou

      Hi, there should be a way to return these as a list and iterate through.

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