My current Maestro release version is 17.10.0. However, there seems a to be aproblem in my on-premises TM when running the receipt rendering process whereas no problem whatsover happens with forms whose Maestro release is 5.1.4

How can I downgrande a project or create a new one making sure it's in the 5.1.4 release?

It seemd rather straightforward in composer but apaprently I can't control the release version of a new project created in Maestro.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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      Hi Carles,

      You can select the Release Version of a project in its Project Details tab.

      Do you also have the same problem if you use the Receipt 2 service?

      1. Carles Tierno

        Hello Bill,

        Many thanks for your answer.

        Unfortunately, for new projects in Maestro the drop-down release version shows only the "17.10.0" option.

        Regarding the Dynamic service, I don't have the v2 installed on my TM on-premises server. I tried to create one in "https://maestro.avoka.eu/manager", export it and import it back to my local server but this also prompted a bunch of errors in the log as it doesn't seem to be installed.

        On the other hand, I think this has to do with the form complexity for some reason. I spent some time recreating the form in the 5.4.1 release but it ran into the same phantomJS problem. Andi I also tried to increase the timeout parameter but the server log still prompted the error.

        I really don't know where else to look or why it prompts this render receipt error.

        Thanks a bunch for your help.

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