we use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our CRM system.

To integrate data from Avoka TM to Dynamics we need to authenticate using Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).

I have installed the ADAL executable jar (provided my Microsoft) into my IDEA project and it works fine with syntax highlighting and other features.

However, when I try to deploy the delivery service to TM I receive a type-check error:

"unable to resolve class com.microsoft.aad.adal4j.AuthenticatiinContext"

Is an executable jar suitable for this service?

Any ideas would be appreciated.



  1. Mark Murray

    I've explored this a bit further and read the KB article about 3rd Party Java libraries.

    Is the Microsoft ADAL library considered 3rd party?

    If that's the case it seems that I need to get it added to the Java package whitelist.

    If someone can confirm that, then I will action accordingly as a solution.



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