Someone suggested Katalon in another thread.

I've been trying this on Maestro forms, but am having 2 major problems that make it near impossible to use.

  1. If the first field on the page is an input field, I have to build in a considerable pause after the page loads. Otherwise Katalon doesn't recognise it as editable. I tried WaitForPageToLoad and playing back at the lowest speed, but neither of those worked. If the first field is a dropdown, it plays back without the pause, though never at the highest speed.
  2. If the last field on the form is an entry field (I think that is the cause of this error anyway), I can only get to the next page by adding the click (Continue button) command 3 times. If I just add it once, it gets skipped because the mandatory error flashes up for a moment even though there is a value in the field. (I tried a pause, clicking elsewhere, double button click and nothing else worked for me.)

I just recorded a very long Composer form with KAR and it worked perfectly first time without having to manipulate the script at all.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make this work with Maestro forms? It would be fantastic if I could get it to work, especially because it uses the form IDs which should mean it won't break often and/or is easy to edit when the form is slightly changed.

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      Hi Lin,

      Have you tried this approach? http://www.swtestacademy.com/selenium-wait-javascript-angular-ajax/

      Maestro forms are Angular/JQuery apps.


      1. Lin VanOevelen

        Hi Bill,

        Just to clarify, that can only be done in Katalon Studio, not the web plugin?

        ETA: Looks like I can do it with the runScript command in the web recorder. I'll let you know if that works.



      2. Lin VanOevelen

        Katalon Studio has built in WebUI keywords Wait for Angular and Wait for JQuery. And they seem to work for me!

        I still need to add a 2 second delay after each page load to solve my field not editable issue (if I set the delay between actions to 0). But with that, it fills forms pretty fast. Yet to try it with a complex form, but looks promising.

      3. Lin VanOevelen

        I just tried this with a more complex Maestro form and it fails at quite a few points if I set it to 0 action delay. At 1 sec action delay it is VERY slow.

        So if anyone has any tips on how to run it at 0 action delay without errors, I'd be very grateful.

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