Where can I find the documentation for Collaboration Jobs

What I'm looking for is documentation on

  • Job detail configuration
  • Properties
  • Creating Steps
  • Actions and rules
  • Types of steps
  • Routing
  • Properties and passing properties between collaboration jobs.

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      Avoka Transact Product Documentation → Click Collaboration Jobs located in the lower right corner of the grid. You will find the documentation on Collab jobs.

      A good overview can be found in the "Job Basics" section.  This will cover the basics of everything you asked for.  However, you're going to need a bit more.

      Under Advanced Examples → "Task Types - Anonymous, Form and Review " you'll find some types that can be assigned to your actions.

      Under Transact Collaboration Jobs API Reference, you will get a start to the some of the properties, but I don't believe this is exhaustive.  You'll have to combine this with what you learn in the Documentation section, and the "Transact Core API" documentation can be found in TM under the Services Menu .  If you're doing anything dynamic you'll wan't to do a deeper dive into the Collaboration Jobs API.  Especially, under "com.avoka.fc.core.entity.Job".  It will give you what you need to access form submission data.

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        Hi Eddie,

        It looks like Donald has directed you to the latest documentation. 

        I feel the documentation covers the use of the action properties (name value pairs) in the Job Definition which control the behavior of the Job Actions.

        In respect to Properties and passing properties between collaboration jobs

        Like Submission (txn) properties, a job instance can store arbitrary name value data in a Job Property

        This can be done using the Fluent API in the Transact Manager since 17.10.0

        com.avoka.tm.vo.job is the Job VO instance.

        job contains propertyMap. a read only map to access the properties related to the instance of a job

        JobQuery can be used to get back a list of jobs matching the job properties

        JobUpdater is used to add or update the job properties

        For versions prior to 17.10.0 you will need to use Groovy Script Service and the Core API.

        "passing properties between collaboration jobs"
        Please let me know if this is what you meant.

        Lets say I would like to access job property in Job A from another Job B.

        You need to have a way to find Job A from Job B. The easiest way to do this is to store jobA.referenceNumber in a job property in jobB

        use JobUpdater to add a property with key name = "REF_A" to jobB.

        later whilst processing Job B use a JobQuery to find Job A 

        String jobRefA = jobB.propertyMap.get( "REF_A")

        Job jobA = new JobQuery() 

        we can now read create or update the jobA properties directly.

        The approach is similar in the core API.

        Larry Bunton
        Collaboration Jobs Lead

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          Hi Eddie, have you tried the Product Documentation Page?

          It is linked from the Avoka Community Home Page and there is a section on Collaboration Jobs.

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