We have several large forms that are part of a redirectNext collaboration job. (This basically means that the same user loads multiple forms, one after another.)

Each of the forms has a number of large resources, such as images, some jar files (there are embedded Applets in some of the forms), fonts, and javascript libraries.

At the moment, these resources are mostly embedded directly inside the form. Because forms are fully "self-contained", this means that these large resources each have their own unique url, and are not shared across forms, and so are not cached/re-used by the browser (or any other proxies or CDNs). This results in unnecessary downloads, bandwidth consumption and poor startup speed.

We would like to store these few large resource in a separate location, and have the form reference these resources.

We believe that probably the best way to do this is to create a .war file containing all these resources, and upload the .war file to each Transact Manager environment as a "form space". This form space would have its own context path, and we could refer to the resources via this context path.

Our questions are:

  1. Is the idea of using a .war file a good or bad idea? Are there any better ideas?
  2. How do we reference these resources from within our Maestro form? Can we use a relative path, or construct an absolute path knowing what the form's context path is. (This answer may be different for fonts, images, and other types of resources.)
  3. How can we reference these resources when we preview the form in Maestro? (In Maestro, we cannot upload a .war file, so we would probably have to use an absolute path pointing to a TM instance in this case.)

Thank you

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