Our team has recently noticed an issue where changes made to the "Wizard Nav Bar" component in Maestro forms are not persisting even after the form has been saved and built. The form in question is based on a template wherein the "Wizard Nav Bar" component is marked as an extension point.

When we open the form, we can see the Wizard Nav Bar is available to be modified and are able to modify it by adding a button. When we add the button, we can see it in Design mode and it shows up as expected when the form is saved and built and viewed via Transact Manager. However, when we close the form in Maestro and attempt to re-open it, the "Wizard Nav Bar" component is reverted back to its original state without the new modification. We have tried these steps with only one user editing the form to confirm that it is not an issue with someone opening an older copy simultaneously that is undoing the change.

Note that we are able to make changes to other extension points in the form and can see that they persist, but the "Wizard Nav Bar" component seems to not function in the same way, even though it is configured as an extension point in the form template.

Any help would be appreciated.



  1. Eric Henderson

    EDIT: It appears that this issue occurs whenever we attempt to use the "Put on Previous Row" option for the button. Whenever we click that option, the button appears to move to the correct location in the Maestro UI. However, after we save and exit the form, the button disappears when the form is re-opened. Perhaps there is a bug with the "Put on Previous Row" functionality that is causing the issue?

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    Hi Eric, 

    The correct approach to do what you are trying to do is to create a new version of the "Navigation Wizard Bar" component which overrides the core version. This will allow you to make whatever changes you need to the component structure, including adding additional buttons onto the same row as the default navigation buttons.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the "Components" folder within your Maestro project
    2. Click on "Create Component"
    3. Enter details for your new component
    4. In the field "Additional Options > Copy Component" select the option "Copy and override and existing component"
    5. In the field "Additional Options > Select Component to Copy" select the option "Navigation Wizard Bar"
    6. Click "Create"

    This will now open the component editor with your new component ready for you to make changes. Go ahead and add your new button and any other changes required. Once done save and publish your component to the required library. 

    When publishing leave the component key as "navigator-wizard-bar", this way it will override the core version of the component so you don't have to make any changes to your templates/forms.

    If you don't see the changes in your templates/forms after then you will need to check your library order of precedence in your project. Make sure the library containing your version of the component is at the top of the list of libraries.

    I hope this helps!


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