Is there any way to access client/organization property using fluent API? I have environment specific values as client/organization property so that it can be managed independently from Application services. However, I am unable to find any API that returns me the map of client properties for given service that is associated to the client. The only closest property I found is svcDef.clientCode. The only work around so far is to invoke a legacy groovy service that uses ClientDao to get client properties. 

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      Please use the PropertyQuery class, for example:

      import com.avoka.tm.query.*
      String refData = new PropertyQuery()
          .setName("Product Codes")
      1. Nirmal Solanki

        Thanks Mal. Is there any way to retrieve all properties as a Map in one go rather than querying by name? There are number of properties I want to retrieve and prefer not to call this repeatedly. I have tried without passing .setName(<prop name>) but it seems required parameter. 

      2. Malcolm Edgar

        No we dont have support for that in the API currently

        regards Malcolm

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