In 17.10, I am using a Transact Function Enabled Maestro Form that populates form fields via the Form Open trigger. I also want to call a 3rd party REST endpoint that I have already set up in a Groovy Service.

I had all this working in 5.x (Prefill service invokes the Groovy service that invokes the 3rd Party REST API). In 17.10, I want to do the same thing. It looks like I can do so using Fluent Function invoker inside my function handler.

But what I'm wondering is what is the best practice when it comes to functions and services and moving from 5.x to 17.10? Is it recommended (or okay) to mix Transact functions and Fluent Groovy services? Or if building on 17.10, you should always use functions only? Or does it matter?

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