I'm building a Maestro native component to implement reCAPTCHA.

I have imported the component into a library, added it to a form and it displays as expected.

The reCAPTCHA documentation describes the requirements for executing grecaptcha, then submitting the token and validating the response on the server side.

However, I'm trying to work out how to submit the token and verify the response.

grecaptcha can be executed in JavaScript, so I was planning to make that part of the 'Submit' button 'Click' event. Once it executes it returns a token.

How can I pass the token with the 'Form.submit' call?

Once the token is passed to the server, it needs to be verified using an API call. I plan to write a Groovy service to handle that.

Where should the service be set? As a 'Submission Preprocessor' service?

How do I collect the token from the form submit action?

Once the token is verified, how do I act on the result? If it fails do I need to abort the submission?

Any feedback based on experience with reCAPTCHA would be greatly appreciated.



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