I have a requirement where I need to open another dialog from existing dialog. I understand that you can only have one dialog open at a time. I am looking to replace current dialog with a new dialog.

I have done following on the click event of a button on a currently opened dialog.

Form.showDialog(""); // hides current dialog

Form.showDialog("newDialog")  // open a new dialog with id "newDialog"

Upon clicking the button, it hides the current dialog but doesn't open another dialog.

I believe Maestro needs to register dialog close event somehow for next dialog to open. To prove that I have added 1 second timeout before next dialog opens. This opens up next dialog fine.



I do not want to rely on browser execution time and hardcode any predefined seconds to open next dialog. Is there any reliable way to confirm if existing dialog is successfully closed in order to open next dialog?

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      Just after I posted this question, It seems I found the answer. 

      You don't have to close the current dialog (thinking composer way). You can simply pass next dialog id by


      This opens next dialog.

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